The rainy season started some few weeks ago in Amhara and then the planting season is also starting up. The FLR Program has been sub-contracting the production of seedling to several nurseries owned by the local Office of Agriculture in different Woredas. The NFG team just visited the Chefakit nursery in Quarit Woreda in the Adama region to discuss progress of the production of seedlings.

The Chefakit nursery is managed very well, the head of the nursery Mr. Sharachew Birhan and the staff are doing a great job. The nursery is very well organised, the seedlings have a good quality and are ready for planting in the field. The nursery is testing some new shade cloth provided to them from the FLR Program, the results are very promising.

The main species in this nursery are Acacia decurrens, Chamaecytisus palmensis (Tree lucerne), Hagenia abyssinica, Yushania alpina (Highland bamboo), Cupressus lusitanica, and Rahmenus prinoides . Grevillea robusta is being produced on a nearby field managed by the nursery. The total production for the FLR Program is approximately 0.5 million seedlings.