The program’s staff has kept direct contact with the Woreda’s Office of Agriculture [OoA] to supervise the works in all the nurseries with which the program has signed agreements [Ebinat, Farta, Libo Kemekem and Quarit Woredas].

It’s expected to produce 3.2 Million seedlings to cover the program’s need in planting materials for 2020 planting season. The production process in the concerned nurseries
is improving, and the results are promising. The production process is accompanied by the identification of the beneficiaries and the sites where the produced seedlings will be planted. A progress was also made in terms of identification of coordinates of several sites in the program areas.

At present, the program is mobilizing ORDA [Organization for Rehabilitation and Development in Amhara] and Woreda’s OoA to join and harmonize their efforts/actions to prepare the technical and logistical issues related to the launch of the upcoming planting season in an efficient manner.