Significant progress in identifying/mapping and developing bylaws of Areas Enclosures in South in South Gonder and Adama Cluster [Amhara region]

Totally, 10 Woredas and 448 Kebeles included, more than 122000 ha of areas enclosures identified and mapped.

More than 42000 community members were participated in the discussions and consultations. Every identified area enclosure is delineated and mapped with agreement of the community.

The concerned stakeholders gave their consents to establish area enclosures in most of the identified/mapped sites. However, the participants [most of them are farmers] raised diverse ideas and proposals regarding interventions to be implemented in the identified areas. The ideas and proposals vary from place to place, depending on the environmental/agro-ecology context and local socioeconomic needs. Therefore, final approvals are discussed and endorsed, case by case, during the process of bylaws development.

The development of the bylaws of the identified/mapped area enclosures is the ultimate and conclusive objective of the activity. The activity concerned 178 kebeles located in 10 Woredas [South Gonder and Adama Cluster]. About 497 bylaws covering an area of more than 73000 ha are developed and approved by the local communities. The bylaws are developed in accordance with the standard methodology for developing bylaws and the proclamation developed by the regional government. The bylaw template developed in Wello in the frame work of IFSD Program is used as a reference/sample. The Bylaws are approved by all the concerned stakeholders, at different levels, i.e.:

  • Local people/community
  • Watershed Committee
  • Kebele Administration and office of land use
  • Woreda Office of Agriculture