Despite the COVID-19 constraints and restrictions, the program managed to organize its 3rd SteeringCommittee Meeting [SC] in Bahir Dar, the 12th November 2020. Considering the recommendation of RNE, representatives of the program’s co-implementing partners and key stakeholders were invited to participate in this meeting. The RNE representatives have also took part in this meeting [through SKYPE].

Many relevant subject matters have constituted the agenda of the meeting, such as:

  • the updated status of FLR Program activities [by end of October 2020] compared to the program’s Result Framework;
  • The status regarding FLR Program new/parallel planning approach [identification and mapping of area enclosures] and the progress made regarding the development of by-laws in some of the identified/mapped area enclosures.
  • No-cost Extension of the Program [2021]: Rational and status of the application submitted to the donor [RNE]. Main activities to be considered as a basis/priority for 2021 Action Plan, considering the progress or failures in 2020.
  • The relevance of the Green Village concept applied in the program areas and the progress made regarding the provision of targeted incentives for the benefit of farmers/user groups and the perspectives for 2021.